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well preparation and goes to visit

Is already the second day now morning, the police professional personnel of the spot still at busy, want to find out the clues of kidnap case.However the Yan flies an information of knowing the kidnaper already, no longer stay here.He doesn't dare to make sure the claim to be Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties of organization whether is really a history up that or whether the other people counterfeit the name blackmail of this organization they, he is only a problem for paying attention to, that is the ransom of USD 3,000,000,000.
    Peacetime six Ping pings always in the Yan fly nearby, Yan's flying hasn't felt what different.But when six Ping pings be kidnap, and in peril of time, the Yan flew and then haded empty of lose feeling.This time, he just discovers six Ping pings to own importance, he has to save she comes back, their relation not are using moneys can measure.
    On returning to company, the Yan flies to call a company high leadership conference right away, then lets finance manager Bu to all each evil the big bank go long make a phone call, say that oneself is going  to visit them.The Yan flies and saves six Ping pings, but has no so many cashes, wholesale Plantation shutters have to seek a bank loan.Only so, he can raise in the in a short time together so big some money.He has no clues to the kidnaper now, so have to according to binding the request of bandit to ready to money, so as not to appear a surprised circumstance.Although USD 3,000,000,000 is many,can not compares with six Ping pings to the importance that the Yan flies.
    The finance department representative director soon flies to reserve for Yan all each very evil the big bank go long, then the Yan flies to work well preparation and goes to visit.The time that is previous, these banks go long once visited Yan to fly several times, just the Yan in that time fly to have no lack of funds, so turned down a putting of the other party loan claim.Just now but turn over, the Yan flies to start having to beg to go with these banks long.
    Yan's flying has already anticipated this visiting a meeting be gone by those banks long let facial expression see, but don't thought of that the circumstance that he faces is getting more difficult.Those banks go long just started seeing the Yan fly of time, is still pretty passionate of, but on listenning to the claim that the Yan flies, requested to be after borrowing USD 3,000,000,000, their facial expressions greatly change right away.Say in succession oneself doesn't have so many cashes, can not satisfy the request that the Yan flies.
    The Yan flew to originally think alone a bank funds strain, so don't think idea.But when he continues to visit a few big banks, at speak purposes all drive the other party brush-off loan after, he has already had a far from good felling.Then he put forward to make a few banks allied to put together loan to he, was also refused by these banks.This time, the Yan flew clear Wu, these bank which afraid funds again nervous, several house allied put together to borrow USD 3,000,000,000 still not a problem of, but they all chose brush-off.Seem this time six kidnaping of Ping pings the affairs perhaps have no superficially and so and in brief, he may fall into the other people's trap.
    To know to reduce weight a biscuit to sell amount of money more than 200,000,000 rmbs on the average now everyday comes down for a year be 73,000,000,000, convert to U.S. dollar to also have 12,000,000,000 of many, this hasn't calculated an international market.The so big cash flows and plus this fixed assets in super mansion of having the new headquarters still at, also ascend USD 3,000,000,000 loan of bank easy to accomplish.Under the normal circumstance, his dreamlike science and technology belongs to the good property in the banker eyes, the Yan flies as long as putting breeze to go out, afraiding of the banks of the whole worlds will rob to come a loan to oneself.The Yan flies to meet now of all banks would not like to lend money to the circumstance of dreamlike science and technology very not normal, must be someone to secretly calculate himself/herself. wooden shutters blinds